Sunday, 8 May 2011

bus stops

"Pauses on a Modernist's journey" - Six ten minute sculptures, made from six ten minute drawings done on a walk that would normally take 60 minutes.

The starting point for this work was a small summer project run by the Sculpture dept. The brief was for staff and students to make a series of drawings that took no longer than 10 mins, up to a maximum of 60 mins total. As it was summer I was walking into work and in a neat twist it took 60 mins to walk from home to the University and 6 bus stop on the route were of the same modular construction - identical and different at the same time.

From the drawings I then decided to keep the conceptual space limited in the same way and created a process whereby I could remake an object interpreted from the original drawing also in 10mins. The objects are made from mill board and MDF.

6 markers dividing a 60 min journey, 60 min activity remaking 6 markers.

The title alludes to the purity of the form and multifunctional design of these bus shelter and to the fact that they have subsequently been replaced by some fussy "Designed not designed" shelters that offer less shelter but presumably are more pleasing to the eye of the souls exposed beneath them.

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